Hundreds of television contributions that were broadcast by ARD and ZDF plus private German and foreign television stations.

Aero Lloyd
Press films and on-board information programmes for all their major airlines world-wide.

Documentation of the visits of international heads of state to celebrate the anniversary of the “Peace of Westfalia Agreement” in Münster and Osnabrück.

PSI Kasselmann/Schockemöhle
Various annual, multi-language auction advertising films.
Documentation and television reports.

60-minute long television production in English for multi-showing world-wide.

Company profile analysis, reorganisation of the catalogues, film conception.

Diehl - Gruppe / BGT Bodenseewerk Gerätetechnik
Promotion film in English for the NATO air defence IRIS-T missile for the premiere at the International Air Show in Paris.


AFT-GmbH Advanced Firefighting Technology
Marketing strategy, media production world sales, image campaign, multi-language promotion films (German, English, Japanese and Arabic). Advertising concepts, instruction CD's, multi-language as an addition to the operating instructions.

Spelten Consulting
Production of a promotion film to be used for new markets in India and China in German, English and Chinese.

Mülheimer Radiologie Institut/University Clinic in Essen/Harvard University
Complete production of an interactive CD with the title
„Heart attacks/coronary heart complaints“

Conception and promotionfilm for a new production line.

Dornieden GmbH Anlagentechnik
Company portraits, various industrial films, product films, Internet films, trade fair films and image films in German, Russian and English on CD's and DVD's. Advertising in various languages, press handouts and internet presentations in German, English and Russian.

Wilms GmbH
Promotion films and product films, visitor information films, and trade fair film.
German, English, Arabic and Japanese.