A film is simply not just a film.

There are hardly any other establishments with higher quality standards than television stations.

Customers benefit from our more than 20 years of television experience.

Our camera men, sound engineers, lighting specialists and our male and female film cutters have been working sucessfully for German TV "ARD" and "ZDF" on a daily basis for years and are available “on demand” when required.

This means we do not have staff wages or technical equipment expenditure.

This makes an optimal price calculation possible and the use of the most modern technology.



Films made for use abroad

The lack of success on foreign markets is often caused by the differing mentality of the people living there.

Expectations and local customs in the countries concerned are seldom taken into consideration.

A simple word-for-word translation into the language required is never enough.

Customers abroad expect not just a product-orientated but a company-oriented and personalised presentation for later negotiation at a personal level.

For this reason, we only work with established radio and television translators and speakers, who come from the foreign countries concerned, know the language and mentality and are able to convert the material correctly.

This is because film text needing translation demands other qualities than text for use in Internet or in a catalogue.