Image and trade fair films

Wilms GmbH
Wilms manufactures products on the basis of pinewood hearts. Research has revealed that this wood has health promoting qualities. This film shows the background to this story, the production and the extent of the product range.

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1) Promotion film for Wilms GmbH in HD quality. The main theme in this film centres on a shampoo developed for the special requirements of camels. The climatic conditions, the places where these animals live and  how they are cared for.

Original length: 6 mins. 45 secs.
A shortened version was made and length was cut by 1 min. 38 secs.

The film can be seen here in its entire length:
Camel shampoo – presentation in Arabic.



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, English


2) "Das Geheimnis der Waldkiefer"
(German version)
Promotion film for Wilms GmbH in HD quality.
"The Scots Pine Secret"
Promotion film for Wilms GmbH in HD quality.

Original length: 8 mins. 17 secs.
Scenes that were cut out total 1 min. 58 secs.

The films to be seen here in German and English can be viewed in their full length:
"Das Geheimnis der Waldkiefer"
"The Scots Pine Secret"


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3) The main aspect of this film centres on sleeping mats with special qualities. The film is just like a modern fairy tale. This film is an  NTSC version.

Original length: 6 mins. 5 secs.
Scenes that were cut out total 37 secs.

The film can be seen here in its entire length:
"The story of a tree"
Exhibition film in Japanese:


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, Arabic, German, Japanese


The company produces highly-efficient fire extinguishers, which are based on a particularly environmental-friendly technology. The film was produced for world-wide marketing in various language versions.

Original length: 17 mins. 45 secs.
Scenes that were cut out total 47 secs.


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German, English, Russian


Dornieden GmbH Anlagentechnik
This is a company that has produced technical plant and machines for over 30 years. The image film creates a portrait of the firm in a special way, plus examples taken from the company product range. The others are technical exhibition films, product films, technical documentation etc. for various areas of use and countries. At the moment, a new film is in the making.

Original length: 13 mins. 15 secs.
Scenes that were cut out total 2 mins. 31 secs.


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A typical example of a purely technical, low-budget documentation for the company website in internet. The target group was engineers and technicians employed by the user companies. This film illustrates the complete setting-up of a new machine without the use of text.

Film length: 1 min.


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This film was made for the
„Bodenseewerk Gerätetechnik/DIEHL BGT Defence"
as a promotion film for the NATO IRIS-T missile.
It was used to promote the new rocket at the International Air Show in Paris.

Original length: 17 mins. 35 secs.
and 1 min. 21 secs. was cut out.


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Spelten Consult
Use and manufacturing of trapezoidal web profile. Versions in German, English and Chinese.
The special challenge that had to be met in making this film was set by the university students and technicians who produced the film footage themselves. Only their photos and VHS film could be used. Thus the film did not meet the normal quality standards.

Original length: 6 mins.
Scenes that were cut out totalled 1 minute.


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This film is part of a number of  on-board films that we produced for AERO LLOYD.
They are shown on all flights. This excerpt deals with the city of Seville, Spain.

Original length: 16 mins. 30 secs. Parts that were shortened had a total length of 1 min. 18 secs.

Television contributions

Hundreds of television films dealing with different topics. Examples are working copies of  the contributions in general and thus do not have the complete quality of the television standards. Here is a short look back at more than 20 years of television reporting.



The war in Bosnia:
Reporting for the German ARD. This was used in the „Brisant“ programme for  the „Bayerischer Rundfunk“. We were given permission to accompany the British  KFOR troops in an area that was out of bounds for international war reporting. Inspite of the Dayton peace agreement, the war in this area had still not been brought to a complete end.

4 mins. 3 secs.



ESTONIA / Meyer Shipyard:
The incident involving the ferry „ESTONIA“ was one of the worst of its kind. This report for NDR illustrates the actual state of the investigation one year after the event.

3 mins. 20 secs.



The steel industry in Georgsmarienhütte:
The business tycoon, Dr. Jürgen Grossmann, purchased the ailing Klöckner company in the town for a symbolic price of 2 Deutschmarks. This report for “Markt im Dritten”, broadcast by North German TV, describes the situation in the project a few years later.

5 mins. 20 secs.



Radio pioneer:
A portrait of a man, who built his own radio sets as early as the 1920's and was one of the first radio pioneers in and around Osnabrück.

3 mins. 37 secs.



The Rolling Stones:
The rock legends in Schüttorf. A broad-based report.

4 min. 41 sec.



The Queen's guards regiment:
What are the tasks carried out by the regiment?
This film report takes a look behind the scenes and provides information not normally available.
A portrait of a unusual regiment, which was stationed later in Osnabrück.
7 minutes in length.